Pakistani Chat Room Free Without Any Registration.

Pakistani Chat Room Is a name of a bunch of chat rooms. it mainly operates from Pakistan. Hundred of thousands of users visit this site,chatting and enjoying their stay there.

Pakistani Chat Room

Good Users

There are many types of users there. Some falls in the category of good users. This type of users chat in a decent way. They Play a positive role in creating an environment of friendship, Take active part in constructive discussions.

Bad Users

Another type of Users consist of Bad Users. This type of users bother others with their chat, Use abusive language and meddle in others affairs. They take part in discussion just for creating disturbance.


Different Rules are set for smooth running of Chat rooms. Which are not to use abusive language and disturbing users. For enjoying stay there one must abide with these rules.


There are admins who implement rules in these chat rooms. These admins have power  to kick and even ban those users who don’t follow rules.